Monday, November 30, 2009


one of the hardest things is saying goodbyes,
goodbyes is like telling them that we are never going to see each other again,
is like bye for good, (well, if u know what i mean)

well, to me i don't really like to do goodbyes,
I prefer to say see you next time, or see you laterZz,

well andrew, i hope you are not offended that i did not really say goodbye to you,
or give him a hug. (sorry andrew)

lets compare with 2 kinds of poem,

Goodbye poem

is like saying goodbye to them and memory fades away

2nd poem

Goodbye, my friend,
Goodbye 'till then,
Farewell until,
We meet again,
It may be soon,
It may be late,
but its better than never right?

I hope we have not forget the times that we had,
The games that we played,
The jokes that we shared,
We mostly laughed but we never cried (i think? XP)

Lets keep in touch,
Lets not forget about each other
We part today,
but we will meet again

lets not get too sentimental people! ^.^

oh ya, while at the airport,
i thought i lost my bag with my car keys in it
nearly get a heart attack,
was going to report to police but when i see japheth, Suyin, karkien,
laughing behind there,
well, lets just say that most of you will know whats going on. (hahahaha)
what a bad joke to play. >.<
what happen if i just suddenly get a heart attack. (hahahaha, well i am too young to get one i think)
lesson learnt to never leave anything behind even thou there is friend there,
unless u ask them to watch over it for u? ( lets hope friends do not break the trust)

  • installed L4D2, but it require high graphics man, so cannot really enjoy, but damn, i love chainsaw, chopped the zombie through, wahahahhahhahaha)
  • and 4 more days till results come out. (NOOOOOO!!!!!!)


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